When my husband left me, I thought my life was over. I honestly didn’t know how would I ever get through the hurt, the heartache, the soul-crushing pain that came with the end of my marriage. What I didn’t know at the time though, was that eventually I would come to see my divorce as the very best thing that ever happened to me. It would become the catalyst that propelled me onto the most incredible, fulfilling, mind-blowing journey into self-love that I ever could have imagined.

I started operation: passion as a tool to help me get through the worst of my breakup, and it became a safe space for me to share my thoughts, fears, pain and ultimately – my rising, with my friends and family. Now, I’ve decided to open operation: passion up to the world, in the hopes that it will help other women struggling through the same emotions and confusion that I was, because together we can achieve so much more!

As a tribe of powerful women, let’s create a movement focused on rising above our breakups and finding self-love. We’ve totally got this!

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung

Confessions of the Brave & Brokenhearted

Inspire your healing by listening to what other light warriors have done to help them work through their breakups

Notes from the Bright Side

Daily inspiration to help you through a breakup or divorce, or just a daily dose of self-love

When you’re going through a breakup or divorce, waking up every morning can seem like the equivalent of staring up at the base of a mountain you have to climb.  NOTES FROM THE BRIGHT SIDE ARE MY DAILY MESSAGE TO YOU. A MESSAGE TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU’RE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS, AND THAT THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL WAITING FOR YOU…THE BRIGHT SIDE.

Going through a breakup or divorce and need a daily boost? Or maybe you have a friend who’s struggling with heartache?

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Upcoming Workshops

How to Rock Your Breakup:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Rising Above and Finding Self-Love

Are you struggling through a breakup? Do you feel like your life is over and things will never be okay again?

Come and join me for a series of workshops aimed towards putting my step-by-step process into practice, hashing out the inevitable obstacles you’ll face, and starting you on your journey to rising above your heartache.

From the blog:

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summer lovin’ – just dance

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let the (new) summer adventures begin…

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