Meet: Heather Wilhelm

Divorced and happy – who would’ve thought these two words could go in the same sentence?!

Certainly not me, but over two years out of my separation and I’ve come to realize just how much light sits on the other side of a breakup (the bright side!). I created operation: passion as a tool to comfort me in my worst times, and now, in my new role as a Breakup & Self-Love Coach, I’m bringing it to you in the hopes that it can help you rise from the fall that inevitably comes after a breakup or divorce. Along the way, we will laugh, we will cry, and you will discover the most amazing kind of love out there – self-love. I’m so honoured to be a small part of your journey, and cannot wait to celebrate your triumphs!

Heather is a writer, entrepreneur, lover of life and traveler who created operation: passion as a year-long quest in search of her passion(s). Along the way, she found comfort in writing about her divorce, as well as numerous activities she’s passionate about including dance, meeting new people and solo travel. Most importantly though, Heather found a way to rise above her pain and heartache and found a way to love herself harder than she ever thought possible.

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