Meet: Heather Wilhelm

Divorced and happy - who'd have thought those two words could go in the same sentence?


Certainly not me, but almost two years out of my separation and I've realized just how much light sits on the other side of a break-up. That's why I write this blog - in the hopes of helping others rise from the fall that inevitably comes after a break-up or divorce, and to find their soul's true passion. - Heather Wilhelm

Heather is a writer, entrepreneur, lover of life and avid traveler who has recently gone on a year-long quest in search of her passion(s). Along the way she found numerous activities she's passionate about including dance, solo travel and writing, but most importantly, Heather found a peace within herself she had never known. This peace has come to make her see that her divorce was truly the very best thing that ever happened to her. With this blog she hopes to connect with women and men who are piecing back together their broken hearts, and show them that there is always a better way to survive (and thrive) through a break up.

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