So here’s the thing…life can be really easy when we just keep doing what we’ve been doing. When we keep the job we’ve had for years because we know it and it’s safe, when we stay in the relationship that’s mostly working for us because we know it and it’s comfortable, when we put ourselves on the back burner because there are too many other people to worry about, and we’ll get to our own happiness eventually. Complacency is defined as (to paraphrase) a feeling of being okay with how things are and not wanting to try and make them better, but I call complacency a dangerous foe, one that can be caught lurking in the background of our lives at every corner.

This post comes as I’ve started a new job after leaving one I’d been very comfortable in for 5 years (5 years!!), but one that didn’t really challenge me anymore. I loved my boss, and enjoyed my days working in my office at her place, but I’d known for a bit that it wasn’t bringing me joy anymore. I fostered my passions through this website, and creating and launching the community, but the day to day wasn’t doing it for me anymore. The thing is, even knowing this, I did nothing to change it! It wasn’t until my employer decided to make her own life change that I was required to make my own…a familiar pattern in my life, really. Just like I had stayed in relationships that had seriously outrun their courses, and waited for my partner to leave, here I was doing the exact same thing with my career.

This was a real light bulb moment for me, and an opportunity to take a hard look at how I live my life, and the choices that I allow to be taken away from me. I have lost jobs in the past, and always wondered why it had happened the way it did, but I know now that the Universe was forcing me down a path it knew I needed to take, but that I couldn’t bring myself to start walking down on my own. Kind of crazy how these things come full circle, eh?! So I guess the real question here is how do we recognize when it’s time to move on from that job, that relationship, that part of your life that’s not bringing you joy anymore. Only you can know the right answer, but I’ll give you a hint…if you’ve started sending out your resume to new employers, or are checking out dating sites ‘just for fun’, than you probably need to consider what could either make you happier in your current life, or make a change, as difficult as that may be for you.

So clearly, making difficult choices away from my comfort zone is not something that has come easily for me in the past, but I know I’m getting better at it every day! Hey, this month alone I started a new job AND launched my How to Rock Your Breakup workshop – some pretty incredible stuff really! Realizing the need for change is the first step towards making it, so here I am pledging to you all that I will not allow complacency to creep back into my life. Not in my work, not in my love life, not anywhere. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be doing something new and exciting every day, and I know that when I find the right relationship, it’ll feel incredible too! New doesn’t always have to be scary, it can be wonderful too, and now I’m committed to remembering that the next time the opportunity for change and growth comes my way. XO