So you probably know that I’ve become a liiiiiittle bit obsessed with dance again over the past year, but I’ve taken that love to a whole new level with an amazing place called The Academy of All Things Awesome that I “discovered” back in May. Rather than offering aerobics-type dance classes (which I still love btw), they offer weekly classed based on specific artists, songs AND dance types! It all started with a little dancehall class, carried on through a Janet Jackson series, Sean Paul series, a one-off of a killer Robyn tune and now we’re rocking some amazing Beyonce and Yo Bangers classes! It has become a place I go to for exercise, for positivity and to just seriously dance my booty off!

I feel so lucky to have found something I love to do SO much. Honestly, when I started this blog I just kind of thought I’d work through the weeks and see what happened…then, I rediscovered my love for DANCE! It’s not that I didn’t want to continue on with other new activities, it’s just that I love dancing so much I want to do it as much as possible!

When I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis I never thought I’d be able to move again like I can now…seriously, I thought it was a death sentence for my body. What I’ve discovered is that movement makes my pain BETTER. I’ve lost 70 lbs (holla at ya!), re-engaged muscles I haven’t used in over a decade AND my arthritis is better than it’s ever been – seriously, how awesome is THAT?! How amazing to find something you’re so passionate about that makes you feel physically and spiritually AMAZING?! Honestly feel super blessed every day 🙂

So here’s a fun video from one of my favourite classes…a little Janet Jackson throwback! We learn these routines in 1.5-2 hours, and then film them like the rock stars that we are! Each week we learn 1-2 new songs, and repeat the process…never. ending. fun. Tonight, I learned my most technically challenging routine yet (some Missy Elliott in the house!!) and while I haven’t seen the video yet, I know we all KILLED it! Such an awesome way to engage with new people in the community and share something we all love so much! Can’t wait to share more videos with you as these awesome classes continue! XO