I’ve always said that travel revitalizes my soul, and my week out in Eastern Canada has only served to solidify this for me. Canada is the most majestic country in the world (in my opinion) and I’ve always said that I don’t understand how any Canadian would choose to live anywhere but the East or West coast (all while I still live in Ontario haha). The mountains and majesty of British Columbia and the coastal amazingness and quaintness of Nova Scotia are some of my favourite things in this country, and Halifax has not disappointed this week!

Not only have I had the joy of spending time with one of my very best friends in the world for the past few days, but I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the salty ocean air of the Eastern shore, and reinvigorate my body and mind in a place that feels very much like home to me (my maternal grandma was from Nova Scotia, and she met my grandfather here while he was stationed at Annapolis Royal in the Navy). It’s amazing what a few days by the sea can do for your soul!

 I can’t say I’m back to my old self yet, or that my heart is mended and full again, but I CAN say that this mini escape has reminded me of how much awesome there is in the world and how much awesome I have in my life. It’s been so incredibly freeing to pick up and just get away from it all. It’ll be even MORE freeing to pick up and go just because I want to explore, and not because I’m trying to escape my life. I’m confident that’s where my mindset will be as I begin to plan my next getaway to Europe (oh yeah, that’s happening verrrrry shortly…very very!!)! Time to get free my friends! XO