I honestly love nothing more than when a new month starts on a Monday…I don’t know why, but I feel like it just offers such an amazing platform to start new projects, or revisit your goals and refocus on them. So with today being a MONDAY and February 1st, I am all over a plan to put some big ideas into motion and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it!!

I spent some time Saturday night sharing and watching motivational videos with this awesome guy I know 😉 and he sent me one that just seriously kicked my mental game into gear. Like it was basically the middle of the night, and watching the video made me want to get up from the couch and do everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life…seriously, it was that good (yes, I’ll include the clip below!). Now I’m not going to lie, I did NOT get off the couch lol, but what I did do was commit mentally to something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile now…writing a book.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember, and my family and friends have been encouraging me to put pen to paper and write something substantial for years…trust me when I say I have enough life experience to write like 10 jam-packed full of goodness books, but I’ve always been incredibly overwhelmed by the idea of starting…how do you write a WHOLE BOOK? How do you get published? How do you research properly? How do you know what to write about? What if I can’t finish it? What if I don’t have enough to say? And the list of self-doubting questions could just go on and on ad nauseam. I’ve let these questions paralyze me in the past, and just seem to keep putting off doing what I’m passionate about because it’s scary and I don’t want to fail.


What I’ve realized lately though, is that SO MUCH of my life is controlled by fear…fear of failing, fear of being inadequate, fear of the unknown, fear of getting hurt, fear of losing control, etc. etc. Like really, what a counterproductive way to live life, always fearing the worst and not enjoying the NOW. So having said all that, I’ve decided to commit to writing a book this year (YAY 2016!!) for ME…like regardless of if another person ever reads it, or if it gets published, or if it’s researched properly, this is going to be for me. Because I really do want to succeed in this one life I have to live, and that has to mean taking chances even when the fear of failing scares the fucking hell out of me. I’m going to have to channel Walt on this one and just freaking do it.

So yeah, two days later and I’m goal-setting like a boss…the book’s premise has been narrowed down, the genre confirmed, and the research started. I’ve set up daily reminders for myself to KEEP GOING even when I don’t want to, and I’ll set up a support system of family and friends to keep me accountable (because sometimes you just need a kick in the ass from the people who love you the most). And of course I’ll blog about it here too, because I’m sure as enjoyable as the actual book is going to be, the process of writing it will be equally entertaining 🙂

So here’s the video that ignited all this February 1st action…here goes nothing (and everything!!)!! XO