Today is a very sad day. I kind of feel like I’m in the movie Armageddon and we just found out that the asteroid speeding towards the earth couldn’t be stopped. White America has spoken, and the first ever president with absolutely zero military or political experience has been elected to office. Of course on top of being unbelievably unqualified for his new role, Donald Trump is also a racist, misogynist, xenophobic fool who has made his platform hate. Plain and simple, he wants to build walls to keep refugees out, will immediately deport 11-20 million undocumented immigrants, will all but refuse entry into the country for Muslims, and that’s just immigration. He’s also promised to elect a radically right wing judge into the 9th Supreme Court seat, to reverse abortion laws (horrifying fact – more than 200,000 Anerican women died each year from illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade), to cancel Planned Parenthood, to repeal same-sex marriage laws, and just basically disassemble the USA that my American neighbours have been proudly creating for centuries.

So where did it all go wrong?! It’s really hard to say…in this terrifying video, James Carville says he think the Democratic Party may have dropped the ball, been too confident. I know that when my ex-husband and I were finishing renovations at our house in April, he talked at great length about Bernie Sanders and his new partner’s support of him. He swore that if Bernie didn’t win the primaries, none of his supporters would vote for Hillary. Guess maybe there was some truth to that?! The sad thing is though, the only people who will suffer from that kind of voting (or lack thereof) are the very people Bernie wanted to support the most – women, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and the LGBT community.

I have been a Hillary supporter (yes, as a Canadian) for decades, and my heart hurts for her today. I’ve cried, I’ve gotten a little rage-y and I seriously can’t even look at a picture of her right now without feeling heartbroken. She was supposed to be the first female President of the United States of America. She is absurdly qualified, and 100% the right person for the job. I know she’s not perfect, no politician is, but her career in politics and the law has been incredibly impressive. She should be celebrating with women all over the world today, not conceding defeat to an arrogant woman-hater.

So where does the world go from here? As stock markets plummet, as currencies around the world nosedive, and as humans who’ve had the horrifying realization that more than half of the world’s  “greatest” nation have enough hate in their hearts to vote for a man who is abusive, disrespectful, bullying, a sexual predator and who spews venom with an ease that is remarkably alarming. That is honestly the scariest part of this all to me, that so many people can want this hateful man to lead them and their country and their CHILDREN for the next 4 years. Cue heart breaking (more).

I’m out and about right now, been through Downtown Hamilton and now into Burlington and it is a somber day for humanity. Very little talking, just shell-shocked expressions and half-hearted smiles. We all need some time to mourn what has happened, what this will mean for the displacement of power in the world (think Russia, China) but in all this sadness, I have faith that love will prevail. I even wonder if this could be a way for America to heal it’s fractured population? A man so polarizing that all minority groups band together to spread love and light, and protest his actions every step of the way. I know I’m a Canadian and many people will wonder why I’ve written this, why I care, why I feel the right to an opinion. It’s because I am HUMAN and the reign of Donald J. Trump will affect everyone on this planet. So let’s all try and be vessels of love today (and for the next 4 years), and spread the word that one man will not erase all the love, light and hope that exists in the world. Of that, I’m sure. XO