So I saw this little picture thing on Facebook a few days ago about writing a letter to the you from a year ago, and just thought to myself “holy shit, this is my New Year’s blog”, because seriously what a year 2015 was for me. Here’s what I think my note might look like:

Okay Heath, it’s time to buckle up because this is going to be the craziest year you’ve ever had! Now I have bad news to start…it’s going to feel like the absolute worst, longest, excruciatingly painful year of your life for awhile…like for AWHILE. You’re going to think your life’s over, you’re going to cry A LOT and you’ll often wonder if you’ll ever feel happiness again. But eventually, a super brave, strong, grateful, passionate, unstoppable version of yourself starts to form under the scarred surface and you will LOVE her. She does things that scare her, and takes risks, and tries really hard to live her best life every day and she decides that 2015 won’t be your worst year ever, it will be your best year ever (I’m not gonna lie though, that doesn’t happen til about October, so hang in there!). You will be so incredibly happy by the end of the year, that you are literally unrecognizable to your former self (I swear, this is all true!!), so keep shining and trying and fighting because every little thing is going to be alright. Love you girl, future Heather

Okay, so that was actually a really weird thing to write, but a great exercise in summing up 365 days of emotion and living into one paragraph. I wonder if we all had magic crystal balls that could tell us what was coming, how we’d behave differently or live differently. Control freaks like me would be in their glory for sure lol! In all seriousness though, struggle and adversity are what shape who we are, and I’m truly grateful for the pain 2015 brought me because I’ve grown into a different person because of it. I have never (really NEVER!!) been so excited at the prospect of a new year before and I think that’s because I now truly see how much you can accomplish and grow in a single year – the possibilities are endless!!

So goodbye 2015…you showed up as my worst enemy and we part ways as lifelong besties 🙂 And 2016 – get ready to make some fucking magic happen together – I have BIG plans for you!! XO