Do you ever have those weeks when everything just kind of goes wrong? The best laid plans are cancelled, there seem to be bumps in the road at every turn, and you kind of just feel like you need a time out from life? Welcome to the last week of my life! Everything and anything that could go wrong did, and I found myself at home over the past weekend in kind of a head in the sand, turtle in my shell state of mind. It was almost like the Universe was telling me that I needed a few days to myself to relax, reflect and let go. So that’s what I did!

While I was hibernating at home, I chatted with my dear friend Sam a few times (check out our podcast episode here if you haven’t yet – it’s epic!) and she helped me get back into a positive mindset, and really lit a fire under me to get back to basics with operation: passion. I’ve been struggling with cancelled podcast appointments, and booking lovely, amazing women on a regular basis, so she suggested that instead of stressing about something that is somewhat out of my control, I should get back on my mission of trying something new every week for the summer! This means truly coming back to the roots of where this website started – diving into finding my passions, and rising into self-love.

So what will that look like for operation: passion?! Truly just more adventures, even more content and of course more podcasts! I’ve already started my list of summer activities (go rollerskating at the outdoor across from my house, go to some churches in the area to see how different people practice religion, go fishing off the pier (alone!), join a rowing team, practice outdoor yoga in the park, attend a rooftop pilates class) to name just a few! Not only will I have a blast, get some exercise and meet new people, but I’ll also continue filling my cup with joy and experiences (like the ones pictured above from my life-changing summer adventures in Banff last year)!

I think one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to find a way to get through those muddy times of self-doubt and confusion by putting ourselves out there, and getting outside our comfort zone. When you’re in a situation you feel like you can’t control, putting yourself into a situation you CAN control is one of the best ways I’ve found to come out from under the fog, and back into happiness.

So, with that being said, the summer adventures will start tonight with an amazing Lady Gaga dance class (video and blog post to follow, I promise!), and if you’re reading this and feel like you could get down with some fun summer adventures – please reach out! I’m always excited to try new things on my own, but I’m also more than happy to have a friend (or two!) along for the ride! XO