So, very exciting news this week – I got a new house!! You already know that I sold the house I owned with my ex earlier this month, and I felt like it was time to put down some roots and get myself an actual home. I feel like I’ve been in transition with my housing situation for years. My ex and I moved in together after dating for two months back in 2009, and lived in a cute 2 bedroom apartment for a year before buying our place in an up and coming neighbourhood with big plans to renovate it. We lived there for a few years, but when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2012, we moved in with my parents so that there would be more help for me in dealing with the challenges that came with this new diagnosis. We stayed there for over two years before we split, and I moved into a transition apartment in the attic of an old Victorian home, while he moved back into our house to finish the renovations so we could finally sell it 🙂 As you can see, I’ve basically been house-hopping for 7 years!

I don’t think I realized until this week when I got my keys just how much I’ve been wanting a place to call a home. A place that I can decorate, and make my own, and make new memories in. There’s something about a fresh start that doesn’t seem quite as fresh if you don’t wipe that entire slate clean, and I’ve got me a brand new slate on my hands!

This adventure is made even more fun and exciting because it’s the first time I’ll really be living on my own! Like, without a bunch of other units in the same building as me that is 😉 I’ve been trying new things all year, and this marks probably my biggest accomplishment to date, because it’s the one that scares me the most. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that when it scares me A LOT, it’s always TOTALLY worth doing!

So move in date has come and gone! I’ll transition into my new place over the next month (I like to roll into change sloooooowly lol) but in the meantime, check out this crazy amazing view from my back porch!! My besties and I enjoyed not only a beautiful sunset to commemorate my first night in my new place, but we also got to kick it to an amazing Canada Day fireworks show in my front yard aka the Bayfront 🙂