I always find it so interesting how relevant works from hundreds of years ago can still be today.  Whether it’s Shakespeare, Twain, or Wallace Wattles, there are treasures inked on paper that are as timeless as the people who wrote them. As you know, I’m currently taking a course with the incomparable Jen Sincero, and she provided us with a list of ‘Life-Changing Resources’ a few weeks back.  This list is a veritable pot of gold containing countless books and websites, so I decided to buy 15 of them (yes, crazy I know!) so that I can dive into higher learning.  A few of the books are real old-timey numbers, including the one that I started today called “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn.

This little book was written in 1925, but it has seriously knocked me off my feet.  Or maybe the more appropriate way to describe its impact, is to say that it opened my eyes even further to a concept that has really been resonating with me over the past year.  That concept is how the power of our spoken word and inner belief system can truly create the life we desire (or consequently manifest all our worst fears). I remember the first time I heard the concept of manifesting dreams cross my consciousness, I thought it was insane.  Like who could actually believe they had the power to create their own destiny?! Not this girl!! Wellllll, I guess that attitude was really the whole problem, wasn’t it lol?!

As I’ve delved into self-help literature over the past year and a half or so, the one recurring theme has been the power of our mind to bring our greatest dreams to fruition. It’s a practice that takes daily work, and brings more regression than anything else I’ve ever done. It is HARD to change the way you think, y’all!! We are a real programmed bunch of people here on earth, and sometimes it’s really scary to think about BIG, GOOD things because we’re always so busy preparing for the worst. The greatest lesson to be learned from this very brief look at the power of our minds is that we need to be positive, happy, big hairy audacious goal dreaming humans, as much as we possibly can 🙂

So I guess the key takeaway here is that you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It’s heavily laden with scripture and references to God, but once you get past that (if that’s something you need to get past), there are so many amazing nuggets of wisdom and beautiful mantras inside these pages, that it’s a piece I know I’ll read over and over again XO