To say I am not a fan of change, would have been a major understatement two years ago (pre-divorce), and still remains a point of major discomfort for me these days. I have needed to adapt, rework, rejig, get comfortable with, and dive deep into the unpleasantness of change over the past few years as I figured out what my life as a single woman was going to look like post-divorce, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t rock you to your core when you’re not ready for it, or are resisting its grip.

Truth be told, I really have come to view change as a blessing. This probably sounds quite contradictory to the first paragraph of this post, but the reality is that even if you know the things happening around you are all for the betterment of your life, it can still be really hard to figure out how to roll with the Universe’s plans for you and be okay with them. I always say that in hindsight, I can look back on my divorce and see that it was the very best thing that’s ever happened to me, but I haven’t forgotten what it felt like to have my life turned upside down and shaken up like a dirty martini, because that shit was TERRIBLE! It hurt, it was uncomfortable, it was scary and I hated every second of it…until I didn’t anymore. Until the dots started connecting, and I saw the truth in what this very challenging change was going to mean for me – absolute, utter greatness.

So here I am on the precipice of so many changes. As this website launches, as I start a new business, as so many amazing opportunities are coming into my life, there are also several very scary changes on the horizon that have me doubting if I can balance it all, if I can deal with the inevitable bumps in the road, if I can survive and THRIVE through all the hurdles. I don’t mean to be evasive here, I will share it all soon, but for now I will be thankful for the amazing conversations with friends tonight that reminded me that anything is possible, and with my Mom who constantly reminds me that there is absolutely nothing I can’t do (thanks Mom!!)!

I think I’ve figured out that the trick with change is to embrace it, to know that when it comes it’s simply altering your path towards something even greater, and to remember that even when you’re more scared than you’ve been in a long ass time (like when you’re trekking through the mountains on an 8 day adventure by yourself?!), it’s because the Universe is conspiring to bring you exactly what you need. And if you can’t remember all that in the moment, just be thankful for the amazing people in your life who will remind you