Today I want to talk about the importance of your TRIBE. That group of people in your life that keep you going through the down times, who lift you up and make you remember how strong you are, and the people you call your family. They can be your real family – parents, siblings, cousins – or they can be your chosen family, friends who have lasted the test of time, and who have seen you through your best (and worst) days.

During challenging times in our life, it can be so easy to internalize and cocoon ourselves into solitude. We can stop returning messages, stop reaching out to people, cancel social engagements (or not make them at all), and generally disappear from the world outside ourselves. I remember there being times after my husband left that I wanted to literally melt into my couch and never leave the safety of my apartment. There were other times (for me, to be honest, this was most times) when I needed to be surrounded by people who loved me, supported me, listened to me and who reassured me that I was going to be OKAY. That no matter how dark the world seemed in those low, low moments, I would get through it, and that life would (eventually) be better on the other side.

Now, I’ve changed a lot over the past two years, and have become a huge proponent of the importance of alone time. I think we can learn a lot from introspective thinking and taking time to work through life’s challenges on our own, BUT that doesn’t mean that turning into ourselves to escape dealing with our issues is the answer. Last night, a friend reached out to share some hard news that will change her life forever. Within 5 minutes a group of girls who all have very busy lives (but have been friends for decades) rallied together to set a date to get together this weekend. Because we are a TRIBE. Because we love each other. And because one of us needs support. These are the moments when I know that having these kind of people in our lives – this soul family – is more important than we realize at times. Find your tribe, let them fan the flames of your soul, and love them hard. XO