Well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard me talk about it for a few months now but tonight was the night…the stars aligned, the universe smiled down upon me, and I got to live out one of my dreams – I WAS A DANCE TEACHER!! I can’t even tell you how I feel right now…happy, satisfied, proud, amazed, but mostly just super emotional because I did something tonight that would’ve been nothing more than a pipe dream just a handful of years ago, and that is HUGE.

Most of you know from reading my blog that I suffer from psoriatic arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease that causes me chronic joint pain throughout my body. I have good days and great days (okay, and some bad days too!!), but there were days as recently as 2.5 years ago when I couldn’t even get out of bed from the pain. When I couldn’t dress myself, or even stay awake during the day because I had been up all night suffering, and so to do something like I did tonight – dance 15 different routines to 15 different songs over the course of an hour, is literally astounding to me. To think that my body can heal, and recover and grow and flourish and DO AMAZING THINGS, is an absolute blessing and a testament to how strong and resilient we all are as human beings. I feel so, so, so grateful right now.

I will admit that things did not go perfectly tonight (and that is VERY hard for a Virgo, I tell you lol!!); there were some hiccups!! My phone started ringing in the middle of a song (while being connected to the amp I might add), I forgot a few steps during one song and got a little bit flustered, and during the cool down my playlist randomly swapped out Anna Nalick’s ‘Just Breathe’ for the heavy hitting Latin song ‘Gasolina’ – not really a great choice to slow things down lol! But none of these small mishaps mattered at all, because there was just an overwhelming amount of JOY and LOVE in the room tonight! From the amazing souls who came to dance with me, from my friends who came to support me, from myself, from the studio owner (Soul Sessions – check it out, you NEED to go!!)  Alicia who did the full hour class with us, it was just truly the most perfect experience.

Tonight was honestly magic, and I can’t wait for that magic to continue as I teach more classes this week, and hopefully in the very near future as well! When something brings you this much happiness, and the hours and hours you dedicate to passionately training and practicing (thank you Allie!!!!) don’t seem like work AT ALL, you know you’ve found something that feeds your soul. In my wildest dreams I could never have believed that I’d be able to stand in front of a group of women and teach a dance class, but here I am doing it! So yeah, when your BIG CRAZY AMAZING DREAMS seem like mere specks in the distance, always remember that ANYTHING is possible and YOU are an unbelievable force of nature – you’ve totally got this <3 XO