First things first – I got some good eyeball news today!!!!  It looks like my blind spot has healed, and the residual blurriness I’m now seeing is from the stitch holding my implant in place. That’ll be removed in early January and apparently it’ll be back to normal sight after that – WOOHOO!!  I honestly feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders, because despite my best efforts I was incredibly stressed about my eye situation. I think it no coincidence that I started reciting health-based affirmations yesterday, and today my eye is pretty much all healed up – the power of our thoughts and the Universe will never cease to amaze me! This brings me to the subject of today’s post – synchronicity and how what we put out, comes back to us.

About a month ago I hired my dance instructor Allie Sommerville to give me private vegan cooking classes. Allie is not only a kick ass dancer but she’s a certified holistic nutritionist as well, and I was looking for some help getting back to a plant-based diet to help with my arthritis pain. The morning before she came over, I met my friend for coffee and declared that I had decided I was going to teach a dance class. I had watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars the night before, and was in tears watching one of the dance routines. I think in that moment I realized just how passionate I am about dancing, and thought it would be an amazing gift to be able to teach a class one day. So fast forward to Allie coming over for our 3 hour class that afternoon (you seriously NEED to check out her Facebook page From Allie With Love and get her into your kitchen STAT – she’s incredible!) and I started asking her questions about how she became a dance teacher. I told her about the show I’d watched and how inspired I was to teach a class and guess what she said?! She was looking for someone to mentor as her substitute when she’s away from the studio – and she thought I’d be perfect for the job!!!! Ummmm, what?!?! SIGN ME UP!!!!

The synchronicity doesn’t stop there either! I had already been chatting with the amazing owner of Soul Sessions Alicia about an energy exchange, and Allie suggested that I start teaching as her substitute on an energy exchange (for those not in the know, this basically means that instead of paying a membership fee at the studio, I work for free to offset my registration), which was a total win-win for everyone. We all met up the following week, discussed the details and guess who’s teaching her first dance class on December 12th?!?! THIS GIRL!!!!


On top of ALLLLLLLL this amazingness, Allie (who is clearly helping guide me down a path full of awesome right now) also hooked me up with a website designer that day! I had been desperately seeking help in building a website (coming atcha in January 2017 peeps!) for some projects I am SUPER excited about, but kept coming up against brick walls. Allie suggested I speak to Sara (who she knew from dance class), the owner of an amazing web design company called Prestige Digital. Sara and I met, I instantly knew she was the person I wanted to partner with for my site (I’m convinced we’re soul sisters from the mountains), and so another box was checked off my to-do list! Stay tuned for loads and loads and loads of posts about the upcoming greatness I’ve got on the horizon…I’m not going to be able to shut up about it soon lol!

So yeah, coming full circle here, I just really want to emphasize how much I believe that what we TALK about will inevitably COME about. If you have a dream, or some crazy thought you’ve been conjuring up in the back of your mind, start TALKING about it with anyone who will listen! When we put things out into the Universe, the Universe responds by giving us the means to achieve our wildest dreams. I know that talking to Allie during our cooking class that day has undoubtedly changed the course of my life forever. Not only am I putting my health on the front burner again with diet and exercise, but I’m accomplishing my dream of being a dance instructor in spire of all the physical obstacles I’ve come up against over the past 8 years. I also found a partner to build the website of my dreams…literally. This site will make my life’s goal of helping people rock their break ups a reality, and I know it’s all just the very beginning of the super cool, windy, topsy-turvy, crazy fun road sprawled out in front of freaking exciting is that?! XO