So I haven’t written a post in 11 days, and it has been STRESSING me OUT! I had this idea that I needed to write some crazy epic ‘welcome to 2017’ blog post, heck I even started one on December 30th, but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I’ve realized I want to roll into the New Year with the same quiet confidence that I intend to soar through the rest of 2017 with, and that means laying out my intentions for the year in the broadest, biggest way and not creating resolutions for myself.

There are so many ways to ring in the New Year…intentions, resolutions, choosing a word of the year, rebelling and doing nothing new at all – take your pick!  I chose setting intentions this year, because I appreciate the fluidity of the word, which is defined as “a thing intended, an aim or plan”. I’ve read in so many amazing books lately that we cannot attach to the outcome of a specific dream or goal – we need to set broad goals for happiness, health, love, career and release and surrender to the path we’re guided down. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow our dreams and shoot for the stars, it just means that we need to have faith that if our big, huge, crazy goals are meant to be accomplished, the Universe will make it happen, and if something even bigger and better is out there waiting, it’ll find its way to us too 🙂

A resolution on the other hand, is much more concrete and unmalleable. A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something” – this feels so confining to me right now, so pressure-filled and heavy. Of course New Years resolutions have worked for millions (okay, maybe not THAT many lol) people over the course of time, but I say there’s always room for improvement, and always room to try something new. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into a resolution that doesn’t feel right, create an intention around it and take some pressure off yourself! It’s a New Year, a great time for a fresh start, fresh ideas and dreams that completely take your breath away, but it can also be a challenging time of transition and change, so don’t beat yourself up too much if you’re off to a bit of a rocky start (like me!).

So as the band Trooper states (in one of my fave Canadian songs of all time), we’re here for a good time, not a long time, so give yourself a break and reboot your 2017 with some amazing intentions if you already feel like you’ve fallen behind, because you haven’t, I promise!! XO

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