So as some of you know, the house I own with my ex is on the market right now and we’ve got a conditional sale on our hands…woohoo! As we wait for the conditions to be waived (keep your fingers and toes crossed for me), I’ve started thinking about what it’ll mean to not have this house hanging over my head anymore. It’s been 6 years of financial and emotional struggle with this property, and while I know I should be getting excited about the freedom of not owning it anymore, I find myself struggling with what I’ll do next. It almost feels like I should have some specific fresh start planned, but I don’t really know what that should be. So, I will travel while I figure it out 😉

I’m beyond excited to be planning several trips right now, including some serious overseas adventures that will surely be the stuff dreams are made of! I’m looking at an all-inclusive in June (somewhere warm and sunny and fabulous down South), and then Orlando in July for a work conference, Calgary and Banff in August for a work opportunity and then some mountain exploration and finally a trip around Europe in September. I’m planning to hit up England, Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam and Iceland (hellooooo Northern Lights bucket list!)…FUN FUN FUN!

There are so many places I want to see in this world, but the flying fear has always held me back (as you’ll know from previous blog entries), but now I really feel like I just need to GO…get on that plane, face the fears of the unknown and GO. So that’s what I’m going to do! As Sir Richard Burton said: “the gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” There are so many corners of the world for us to explore, and I think that while we’re doing that, the most unknown corners of our souls become exposed to us for the first time. I am so ready to uncover those mysterious parts of myself, all while exploring the world, meeting new people, understanding the world in a different way, and becoming a more complete human being.

I will OF COURSE be blogging about all these amazing adventures AAAAAAAND I’ve decided to get back to the original mission of this blog, which was to document all the new things I’ve been trying in my life. I’ve kind of set aside writing about these new adventures because I’ve been so busy enjoying them, but as I come up to my one year anniversary of writing Operation: Passion, I want to bring it all full circle. Stay tuned for some new awesomeness in the coming weeks! First up this week – rock climbing!! XO

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