How to Rock Your Breakup:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Rising Above and Finding Self-Love

I’m taking a summer break!

I’m taking a summer break from my How to Rock Your Breakup six week workshop series, but I’ll be back with another session for you in early September!

In the meantime, I don’t want your healing souls to be without support, so I’ve decided to run a ‘Breakups Anonymous’ meeting every Thursday in August! Rather than focus on a specific workshop structure at each meeting, I’ll host a more informal gathering for those of you who are looking for some love, support and guidance on your path to healing.

These meetings will be a space for truth, sharing or just listening if that suits you better, and you can drop in any week you like (or all of them if you want!)! Please come and join our local community of amazing women seeking to rise above their breakups and divorces, and dive deep into finding your passions, facing your fears, and finding self love.

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Will you join me?

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Are you struggling through a breakup?
Do you feel like your life is over and things will never be okay again?

I get it. I really do, because I’ve been you (more than once!). When my husband left me 2 years ago, I didn’t know how I would ever be happy again, but man have I learned a thing or two since then!

My four-step process for rising above your breakup was developed out of what worked (and let’s face it, what DIDN’T work) when I was going through my breakup and subsequent divorce. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, to get angry and stay that way, and hey, that’s totally okay…for awhile. The important part is really feeling it, and then moving through it so you can find your path to happiness and self-love. Come and join me for a series of workshops aimed towards putting my step-by-step process into practice, hashing out the inevitable obstacles you’ll face, and starting you on your journey to rising above your heartache.

Opening Session

Come and hear what it’s all about! I’ll start by telling you my story (it’s a juicy one!), and giving you an overview of my How to Rock Your Breakup workshop series. You can share about yourself as well, or not, you are in complete control.

What I can guarantee you though is a community of amazing people to support you (myself included), and a wonderful learning experience. This is where it’s all going to start, your first step towards healing.

Step 1 – Feel

Getting through a breakup isn’t about sweeping feelings under the rug, or pretending you’re okay. You need to feel it all, dive deep into the pain and take the time you need to recover from the trauma of your relationship ending. We will discuss healthy ways to deal with overwhelming emotions, help you find your tribe, and create a plan for supporting yourself through this incredibly challenging process.
What I can guarantee you though is a community of amazing people to support you (myself included), and a wonderful learning experience. This is where it’s all going to start, your first step towards healing.

Step 2 – Do

You cannot be complacent in your healing. You need to decide how you want to treat your ex-partner through this process, understand what it means to choose the high road (and forgive yourself for not always being able to make the right choices), immerse yourself in education with books, documentaries, podcasts, and more, and finally, find a way to put a smile on your face even when it feels like your life is over. It’s time to fake it ‘til you make it, and I’m going to help show you how and why this is one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal.

Step 3 – Seek

You’re working through your feelings, you’ve dedicated yourself to learning how you can grow and flourish during this breakup, and now it’s time to seek out happiness. In this step, we will explore what brings you joy, and help you discover your passions all over again. The part of you that went missing in your relationship is ready to resurface, and we’re going to face fears, challenge ourselves, and start the process of creating a life you could only have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Step 4 – Discover

Even though we’re in the depths of our rise throughout steps 3 and 4, you will still face challenging hurdles as your breakup or divorce becomes final. In this step, we learn that regression is normal and happens to everyone, acquire the tools to work through new obstacles and roadblocks as they occur, keep ourselves on a forward-facing path towards the light at the end of the tunnel, and deepen our learning of the art of self-love. This is where the magic really happens, my friends.

Concluding Session

It’s time to celebrate!!

You did it, you made it through the series and are on your own personal path to happiness, joy, adventure, and the life of your dreams. We will focus on the sustainability of what we’ve learned, and make sure you know how to overcome any future obstacles that may get in your way! You will come away with new friendships, a new outlook, and new tools to use as you rise above your breakup into the depths of self-love. I’m so, so happy for you!

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